Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing by the Rules to Win

The beauty pageant controversy that I wrote about in our last blog entry was ultimately resolved by Donald Trump when he reviewed and reinterpreted the rules of the pageant.

Rules affect everything that we do and design. In fact, we have rules to follow at work and play. While playing the game of monopoly, for example, we have a set of rules to follow.

Like monopoly, we have rules to follow while designing storefronts. They are in the form of building codes, zoning laws, and regulations set forth by landmark commissions. Since they are enforced by people, the interpretations of these rules can vary from one person that in charge from another.

Check out this short video clip to find out how a good design is much like playing a game of monopoly…

Our clients keep referring others to us because we have become experts who create the experiences that they desire while working successfully within the rules and with those who make the ultimate decisions within these municipalities. We play the game of life so you can win.

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