Sunday, May 3, 2009

Larry Lane with Jerry Reese, General Manager of the NY Giants

During church today, I was fortunate to meet Mr. Jerry Reese, the general manager of the NY Giants professional football team.

He was a gueat speaker during the Sunday service. During his talk, he shared how he was raised in a small town in TN (population 2400), lived in a home with indoor plumbing until he was 12, learned his leadership skills as the quarterback in his small town foot team, worked quietly/humbly/hard up through the ranks as an asst. coach of his college team, and then helped the Giants win the Superbowl during his first year as GM with them.

You would never know that he was in deep mourning due to the loss of a close relative while in the throws of the NFL draft this year. The death was sudden and unexpected. He had to put a business and sometimes happy game face on during his ESPN interviews and while focusing only on the draft that will affect the success of the team for the entire season to come.

In fact, when we visited, I asked him if he has heard any inside scoop about my favorite professional football team, the Dallas Cowboys. As you may have read on the previous blog, their indoor training facility blew apart yesterday.

Jerry had only heard about it on the news and has been a bit out of touch of any inside scoop sources since he was just returning from the funeral of his close relative.

Here is the link to the previous blog

Keep Jerry and his family (wife, son, and daughter) in your prayers.

(Maybe keep the Cowboys in your prayers too).

In case you haven't been able to find the secret that Jerry shared with me, here it is.....

His secret was that he could not tell about the death of his wife's brother while in the thick of the NFL draft season. He kept that as a secret to everyone even while being interviewed by the press such as ESPN.

The lesson that he taught by keeping this secret was that he was able to have peace by the grace of God.

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