Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California Controversy Reveal Secrets to...

...Successful Storefront Designs

With all of the controversy about whether Miss Carrie Prejean should keep her Miss California crown, we are seeing first hand real life examples as to
• History can determine how we view today’s events.
• How rules are interpreted.
• Photos affect people’s acceptance of other people and places.
• How people’s perceptions affect their personal experiences.

Whether you are in a beauty pageant, playing monopoly, or designing storefronts, there are lessons that can make you more successful than you could imagine. In fact, these are the exact same lessons that I spoke about during my presentation to store owners, city planners, chamber of commerce leaders, mayors, city council members and others at the annual Main Street Forum. My talk was titled “Secrets of Successful Historical Storefronts.”

This is the first of a four part presentation where I will share some of the tricks of the trade. There is nothing more powerful for anyone’s business than to create a lasting experience for their clients, customers, and co-workers.

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Donald Trump announced recently that Miss Carrie Prejean will “not be fired” as the Miss California. Trump said, "I reviewed the pictures. We're living in the 21st century," he said. "The pictures were fine. It was not a big deal."

Hmm. So, with the history of beauty pageants filled with scandals that include Vanessa Williams and Miss Rhode Island’s Alysha Castonguay, Mr. Trump finds that times have changed.

History has affected the way that we design storefront too. You may not know it, but using history to design a storefront is much like playing a game of monopoly. Check out this short video clip to find out how…

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