Sunday, August 29, 2010

How an Architect can increase your Profits

I have finally released my DVD of me sharing some hidden secrets as to how your store or restaurant can profit more than your competition during this recession.

The video on this blog post is only the tip to the iceberg. In fact, it is hardly a quarter of the entire presentation that I have waiting for you to view. The DVD will dig much deeper with a lot more graphics, examples, and stories that actually will give you a "Kit-o-Parts" chock full of important tools needed to give your company the edge that will help you leave your competitors in the dust.

Here's just a few things that you will learn in the DVD:
* What historical events shaped the design of the profit generating storefront?
* How has technology affected the design of the profit generating storefront?
* What are some examples that successfully created an memorable experience for customers to remember and want to come back to your store (instead of your competitors) again and again?
* How does the need to design around handicapped accessibility affect the design of a profit generating storefront?
* How do the zoning laws affect the design of the profit generating storefront?
* What to look for when you are building a storefront in a landmarked district?

This and so much more are shared in detail. You can apply these precious and guarded principles to your own store or restaurant.

All of these points are shared in a FUN way by comparing designing a successful storefront with playing a game of Monopoly. How's that? Watch the DVD, you will enjoy it.

How much would a behind the scenes, information packed, DVD would be worth to your company if can help you get even the slightest edge in this recession over your competition? My clients have actually said, "...our business has increase since designing our storefront" with principles shared in this precious DVD. That is worth tens of thousands of dollars!

This DVD is just a small investment that can actually lead your company to realize tens of thousands of dollars EXTRA income this year. When you see your own storefront, you will be able to compare it with other successfule storefronts. How does your storefront compare. Here is an done-for-you way to find out. Now is the time to make whatever changes you find that need to be done and stand out over the rest. Here is a simple way to to that....

Get your own copy of the DVD, "Secrets of Successful Storefronts" for only $97.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your full money back if you find that this has absolutely nothing of value to a store or restaurant's business. Just return it within 60 days of purchase. Offer expires after November 1, 2010. So get your today by mailing a request or calling us at 212-594-2007.

Oh, by the way, that is me on the far left wearing that yellow Mexican style shirt in the wooden sign shop.

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