Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sustainable Home Design

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This home is an energy conscience sustainable home to be built on a 10 acre lot on a side of a 50 foot cliff in the Hill Country of Texas.

Some of the design requirements for this home is:
* It will be built with passive solar energy design systems.
* It might have solar panels and an active solar design system.
* It is not be be over-powering on the site but have a presence.
* It needs to be handicapped accessible on the first floor.
* It will have a grey water retention system. This water will be used to irrigate the nearby landscape.
* It will have a wine "cave" adjacent to the house.
* It might have wind turbines.
* Design around the existing stables to remain on the site.

We are now in the design development phase. Here are two of the many, many design sketches that have been created so far:

Here is how the back of the house can have a sweeping and partially covered terrace that looks towards an awesome panoramic scene of the beautiful rising and setting Texas sun. Not to mention the fantastic natural landscape!

This sketch shows how anticipation can build from a small scale space at the front entrance and tease the visitor with anitcipation of a much larger space beyond.

Kick off your shoes, plop down on the cushy couch, click the flat screen remote control to "on" and enjoy the warmth of the fire in the native stone fireplace that soars up through the pitched ceiling with exposed wooden beams. Just behind you is the panoramic view of the Texas Hill Country that you can admire through the 8 foot tall glazed wooden folding paneled doors.

After the design development phase is complete, we will begin the construction document phase, then the bidding/negotiating phase, and then see it built during the construction administration phase.

Here is a way to better understand what all of these "phases" mean...

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