Monday, August 24, 2009

How Strong is Legare Furniture?

As an architect, I fell in love with Legare furniture system. In fact, the design of this revolutionary furniture system impressed me so much that I persuaded Mike Markwardt, the owner of Legare Furniture, to allow me to represent their furniture line in the tri-state areas of NY/NJ/CT.

While sharing this “Fun to Assemble” furniture system with furniture dealers and end users, people would always ask me about how sturdy it is. This is one of the amazing parts of this furniture design. The folks that created Legare Furniture performed quite an amazing test at Entala Labs. They were able to prove their point about the furniture being strong and sturdy by placing 2000pounds (yes, a ton) of weights onto the furniture.

Here is a video that shows how incredible sturdy this furniture really is...

If you are interested in learning more about this outstanding solution for urban living, check out their web site at Don’t hesitate to call them at toll-free 877-2LEGARE (that’s 877-253-4273) to start profiting on the sale of this fabulous “Fun to Assemble” furniture from your showroom!

Some of you may have seen the other videos that I posted about Legare Furniture. If not, check them out at and

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