Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back on the Edge of the Prairie

What do you do to get your mind off of the pressures of the day? For me, I have found refuge listening to The Prairie Home Companion podcasts shows on my ipod while training to my office.

Here is a video clip of his show

Like my radio show and podcast, Garrison Keillor's show is only about 15 minutes, but it can really put you into a different frame of mind. His made up world in a town somewhere on the edge of the prairie in Minnesota is filled with colorful characters and places. The News from Lake Wobegon is filled with its own set of problems. Garrison is able to find humor in a place that is closed off from outsiders. The town is populated with people who would not dare stand out in a crowd. If they did, they would surely be moving soon to the big city of, say, St. Paul.

I doubt that anyone in his fictitious hometown would ever consider creating an office that would attract more people and business as is discussed in my new book, "The Designed Office." Instead, his characters and places are deliberately bland to a point that they are funny in a sarcastic kind of way. They go out of their way to not be attractive to town visitors.

That is not how you are living your life is it? Are you just tolerating where you live and the people around you, or are you trying to make a difference within yourself and in others? It is easy to become introspective and stack negative emotions over and over while listening to the news or looking at the state of our retirement funds. But history has proven time and time again that tough times weed out the weak while offering new opportunities for the wise.

Together, we can overcome any obstacle. One thing that I see happening during this challenging times is people are collaborating their talents a lot more creatively. Join me at doing that. Don't be just above average.

Tomorrow, (Friday, August 7th) lift up your glasses of liquid clear (water) and wish Garrison Keillor a happy birthday. He turns 67.

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