Monday, August 3, 2009

Adaptive Reuse

When you are holding on a commercial property and can't find a buyer for it, what are your other opitions?

One of them is to propose a different use for the building.

Check with the zoning department in the town that the building is in. There, you will find out what uses are allowed for that property. You can also find other buildings of the same zone designation and learn what uses are allowed in the city that are not listed in the zoning books.

For example, there is a building in Union, NJ that was built in the early 1980's. Its original use was a office/warehouse for office furniture and office equipment. After some research, it was found that medical related uses were attractive to the locale zoning board. So, the commercial realtor contacted our office to help them illustrate to their potential clients how a health/wellness center would look within its walls.

Here is a before and after of just one of the interior areas for the warehouse area. There will be more images that will be posted on future blogs of this property.

This is a photo of the existing warehouse area. Notice the location of the columns on both the photo and the rendering. This is how you can match to two images.

This is a proposed lap pool in the existing warehouse. The wall to the right is all glass with water flowing down it to create a translucent barrier between the adjacent muscel machine room. Descriptive words such as uplifting, empowering, motion, health, and healing are just some of the experiences that a user of this space is to enjoy. This is an example of what Experience Architecture design philosphy is all about.

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