Sunday, December 11, 2011

Could You Live In A 161-Square-Foot House? Tech + Design:

It is not always that we have the opportunity to see how Mc Mansions are not the only way to enjoy our lives at home. Here are some examples of how living in much smaller spaces might not be so bad (at least for a weekend).
Could You Live In A 161-Square-Foot House? Tech + Design:

Friday, December 9, 2011

10 Secrets toTransform Your Home During The Holidays

1. Not just green and red anymore: Green and red are the traditional colors of the holiday season. After seeing it in almost everything and everywhere during this time of the year, the two colors become kind of dull and unimaginative. Instead, make your home more sophisticated by using deep forest greens, rich burgundies, and dark cranberry colors. Use only one color throughout or use two or three main colors.
2. Some golden touches: Use metallic accent colors like silver, gold, and coppers to spark up the spaces. Accessories are perfect to use with these colors. Incorporate the metallic colors in your choices of lamps, napkin rings, planters, and candles. Email to me at if you would like to learn more about where you can buy one table lamp and get one free.
3. Setting your table: Create an elegant table setting with a new table cloth or table linens with these rich new seasonal colors. Place settings and plates could be a solid color while using a patterned fabric for your napkins.
4. Accent pieces: Use your selected shades of the seasonal colors and accent colors with pillows, throws, vases, and decorative bowls filled with interesting color matching items.
5. Liven up the guest’s powder room: The powder room will be seen by your guests, so don’t overlook it. Bring life to this often dark cubby with artificial plants that look great and don’t require a green thumb.
6. Swap decorations with family members: Trade decorations with family members who cannot travel the distance to your home during this holiday. Having a small dear piece from their home will help you sense their presence and you will be sharing yourself with others far away.
7. Decorate with heirlooms: Allow the memory elderly family members that passed away to touch the hearts of your family during this wonderful time of the holidays by using their costume jewelry as part of the decoration on the tree or as part of the table setting. This is a much better use of those sentimental items than to leave them as forgotten items stored away in a box somewhere.
8. Create interest with an area rug: Painting walls will immediately transform your home faster than any other decorating tip. But, let’s face it, our holiday season is packed with enough “to-do’s” and we don’t need the extra stress of clearing out a room, repainting it, and then redressing it again. Instead, select an inexpensive 5 ft. x 8 ft. area rug. You will be surprised to find how quickly it will add color and life into your old worn out living room.
9. Get new bedding sets: What is the biggest item in your bedrooms? It is probably the bed. The bedding on tops of your beds are the largest things that people will notice when they enter your bedrooms. So, pick a comforter set with matching pillows that will make your beds an eye pleasing focal point.
10. Toy with this idea: Toys can be great decorative accents for the holiday season that bring back pleasurable childhood memories.

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