Monday, February 23, 2009

A tip for a Better Office

Anyone can say that they need to hunker down in their dark cave and wait out the recession before doing anything to improve their office environment. I bet your competition is doing just that. Take a step to excel beyond your competition and prepare for the better times to come by taking a good look at the state of your office.

Do you have empty desks scattered about? Having people scattered about the office is very common when lay-offs occur. This leaves the remaining people feeling self conscience about their own job security. While looking at the desk that once was filled by their co-worker, they are bound to think, "Am I next?"

Minimize this dis-empowering atmosphere by relocating departments into a tighter group. This will improve their productivity, create a better feeling of belonging, save money on energy costs if you are able to block off the unused area, and create a concentrated area of empty spaces that can be sublet until this economic storm blows over.

Before you do all of this. Find out where all of your desks, furniture, and personnel, exists today. You need to light up the cave and create a road map of where you are before you can figure out where you need to go.

We can help you with that. Call us at 212-594-2007. Don't go through this recession in the dark.

P.S. I have no idea who is in the above photo. But, don't be without a light and plan of how you will survive the recession.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Now, I am Scar Face

This last Tuesday night, I fell upon my piano and landed on my forehead. So, if you see me now, you might thing that I am looking a little different. Hopefully the three layers of stitches will not leave much of a scar. But, I am already being called Scar Face around the office.

Hope your week is going better than mine.

Actually, I am pumped up and looking forward to some great things to come out of this week. We are still putting together our plans for our Fantasy Architecture Weekend. If you have not taken the survey to the right, why don't you do that now? That way, our event can be better designed to suit your wishes.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The February Newsletter Available

Our office has sent our February LAD Sketch Pad Newsletter out to print but you can get a preview by downloading your free copy from the link to the right of this post.

In our February issue you will find out how to be a STARchitect, receive priceless resources, learn how to make your office space more productive, and how to get access to more and more answers to questions that can rescue you from this recession.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Architecture Affects Unexpecting People

People react to their designed surroundings without even knowing that they are being affected. Some tricks that architects use are changes of lighting, surfaces, perspectives, ramps, mirrors, and so on. This video shows another way that people subconsciously react to architecture.

Do you know of other places where architecture creates emotion, motion, or other human reactions?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Experience Architecture

Most peoples’ view on how they want to live is first based upon their feelings and emotions. This is especially true with luxury items. For example, if one were focused only on their primal needs and not their emotions, then we would be living under lean-tos and tents. Instead, we feel that we need a more substantial place to call home for ourselves and our families. Their feelings may be sparked from a need for more space, prestige, or for a better location among many others. Therefore, the experiences that our spaces provide for us are a most important concern at the start of our new home search.

It is only after reacting to our emotions that we then make the decision to move from our current home and into another. This is when we start to feel our stomach turn and nerves on a slighter edge. Many have heard horror stories about their neighbor, friends, and family member’s renovation projects. Will the same surprises happen to you? Many questions start coming to mind:

How much will the construction cost?
How long will the renovation process take?
Should I sell my current home and rent during the construction period?
How do I find a contractor that I can trust?

All of these questions and many more that follow only stack upon each other until you really feel that you are “behind the eight ball” with no painless way out. "Experience Architecture" is created to help you stay away from that eight ball by pointing out a simple 7 step method that will help you the most of your investment and ultimately a home that fits you and your family like a custom made glove.

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