Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jackson Browne Doctor My Eyes - About My Imagination

I am a big fan of Jackson Browne.

Guess one reason is that he has such a raw and poetic way of sharing his feelings. He also has a redemptive spirit by coming out of bad choices of crazy rock and roll lifestyles while still sharing his creation with new reformed spirit.

We all go through stages in life that make us either stronger, or if we choose to not learn from those experiences. They can make us decline - even when we are at a straight line of no improvement or diminish of development.

Imagine how it would be to change the life of others around you with your own interpretation of life around you?

How cool it is to enjoy Jackson's version of an old song with new talent to share their beauty of interpretation.

I met some very impressive people today who are starting their lives together. Their family loves them so much that they wanted to add love in their home with things that I could help them provide. How have you helped others that are important to you?

Let this coming week be filled with all sorts of evidence from your influence to other people. You would be surprised to see how the outcome will turn out. The biggest blessing may be from the benefit that other's receive that you may never know about.

That, is a blessing beyond any comprehension. May you experience that as I have.

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