Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Cities Can be "Pop up Spaces"

The near-by forecast of the world’s population is expected to reach 8 billion people. Using the energy producing technology that is available today, we will be in the same mess ecologically and without enough clean energy as our Federal government has allowed our economy to become in recent days. (Just today, the Dow Jones dropped further than in recent history as the S & P's rating of the US economy dropped to a double AA status and after our President Obama finished his new "Obama Blaming" sequel to all the other blaming speeches that he has given to cover up on why US is in the mess its in while under his presidential command.)

Designing cities for the future growth of our population is not really a new subject, but with the magnified focus upon energy sources and consumption, there are some interesting proposals that could help us prepare for such a surge of energy need.

You will find this video interesting in several ways. Here are two things that intrigued me the most from this video:

1. The word crafting use of catch phrases such as:

• Tent pole density and people-focused places.
• From the dream home to the dream neighborhood.
• Crowd source navigation.
• Pop up Spaces.
• Furnace dumping makes homes cheaper to build… and…
• Pollinator pathways.

2. How similar these “new” city design ideas are to those from Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Broadacre City” (designed in 1932) see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadacre_City , and Paolo Soleri “Arcosanti” (started in 1956) see http://www.arcosanti.org/project/background/soleri/main.html .

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