Friday, October 29, 2010

The art of living in small spaces

After the miners were freed from the Chilean mine and after recently reading about how the Russians are studying people's reactions from being confined in tight spaces for a long period of time so they can better plan for a one way manned trip to Mars, I have been self-prodded to learning more about how people live and work in small spaces.

The miners in Chile would be a good resource because of their first hand experiences. We can also learn a lot from the space programs/tests conducted around the world.

To my delight, I found an interesting article written by a lady named Claire Wolfe who lives in a very small home. She says that living well in small spaces has four parts:

1. Coping
2. Building
3. Gadgeting
4. Decorating

Just click on the link below to read her interesting article and to find out how to design a small home using these four parts at

The art of living in small spaces by Claire Wolfe 92

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