Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Does Tiger Woods and My Birthday Have in Common?

Yesterday was my birthday.

A few days before, my younger son was so impatient for me to open my present from him and his older brother that he just had to give me some clues. “What is one thing that you talk about that you really like,” he asked me.

“You and your brother,” I answered without taking a second to think about his question.

“No, I know that, but besides that, what else?...This present was MY idea. You are going to LOVE it!”

Well the pressure was on. I better show that I love it or I will disappointing someone that really put some thought into this year’s birthday of mine.

The present is a ticket for him, my older son, and me to attend the ATT National PGA Golf Tourney that is sponsored by Tiger Woods.

I am excited! What a gift!

The tournament is June 29-July 4. It is donating funds to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia, and the Tiger Woods Foundation. It also offers the winner to receive a $1.116 million first-place check.

I will keep you posted about some of the sites that I see there. In fact, wouldn’t that be a good place to have a podcast field trip?

For all of you golf enthusiasts, send me a note about what I should look out for while attending this event. How easy will it be to get up close to some of the great pro golfers of our time?

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