Friday, June 18, 2010

Give Your Dad This for Father's Day!

"Click Here to Get the Best Father's Day Present Ever"

Don't forget that this Sunday is Father's Day. What are going to give that person who mentored you?

Here is a great idea, give him a package of Kennedy's All-American shaving products. They have been developed over 9 months of trials by my friend, Chris Hurn.

This is my buddy, Chris Hurn.

You may remember Chris from my last two podcast shows. He is the guy that has been spilling the beans about how to buy commercial real estate even in the recession. Chris used his own commercial loan product and bought a chain of barber shops and renamed it Kennedy's All-American Barber Club.

Go to this link to download the podcast to listen at your leisure... "Click Here to Hear More"

Some people say that the barber shop was named after the famous business and motivational speaker/author, Dan Kennedy. The concept of the club is a lot more involved than what I can explain here, but listen to this Monday's radio show to learn more after you given your dad the Kennedy's awesome shaving products.

During the upcoming radio show, will hear how Chris trashed up his own bathroom while developing this new set of shaving products to the point that his wife was about to kick him out of the house. Don't miss hearing more about it during the upcoming radio show on Monday, June 21, 2010 at 5:30 pm EST.

Here is the link to the list of podcasts that you can just click on the itunes icon to listen at your leisure as a podcast "Click Here to Hear Our Radio Show about Kennedy's Barber Club"

Read more about what I have to say about this great way to start your day and buy your dad the best gift you can ever find at

"Click Here to Get the Best Father's Day Present Ever"

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