Saturday, November 21, 2009

Design Like an Architect with Us - Please Take a Quick Survey

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Did you know that even our US president, Obama, wanted to be an architect before he went into politics?

Everyone has a dream.

Yeah, I have heard a lot of people tell me throughout the years that they once thought about being an architect before they decided to take their current career path. I bet this includes some of you.

Obviously, to become an architect later in life would be a little overwhelming but wouldn't it be awesome if someone created a long weekend where all you had to do is show up at an architecture studio where there is a staff of draftsman ready to draw up the dream house that YOU designed?

You can be like an architect in your own design studio surrounded by inspiring people and buildings that you thought would only be available to you in magazines.

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Be a Starchitect for a long weekend by coming to our Fantasy Architecture Summit retreat.

In order for us to design the perfect get-away for you, we first need to your opinion.

Please take a minute to watch the video above and to fill out a quick survey found at this web link. You can also just click on the link on the right column of this blog under the title, "We need your opinion."

For taking the time to help us know how to create an experience of a lifetime for you, we will send to you a FREE copy of our new book, "The Designed Office" to the first 5 people who email to a copy of the filled out survey. Let us know where to mail the copy of the book and we will get one shipped to you.

Thank you, again, for helping us create and design the time of your life.

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