Monday, January 19, 2009

What Does a Country and Western Singer Have in Common with Successful Businesses?

As you may know from some of the newsletters (download yours free copy at the link below), I am originally from Ft. Worth, TX. I relocated to NYC in 1986 when the savings and loans needed the federal government to help bail them out. Many of those banks were in TX. The mood around town was very much like it is today with financial intuitions and the federal bailout efforts.

One of the landmarks in my hometown that is nicknamed “Cow Town” is Billy Bob’s. It is billed as the biggest honky tonk in the world. This goes hand-in-hand with the Lone Star state’s motto, “Everything is bigger and better in Texas.”
Although I generally don’t want to go to a tourist trap in my own home town, curiosity got the best of me one weekend. I visited Billy Bob’s. It was not very crowded that night. There was plenty of parking. There were no lines for drinks. They were so slow, that there was not an indoor rodeo event that night. A little known band was performing on their small stage that night. The lead singer wore cowboy boots and hat, played a guitar, and seemed to be rather depressed and not really into his music. He was just going through the motions while singing the country blues.

Fast forward at least two decades, we now know this famous country and western singer as being one of the most flashy and dynamic entertainers in his field. In fact, some of his music crossed over into the pop charts. His concerts remind me of a Madonna concert with fireworks, modern dance steps, while he wears the same head piece microphone as Madonna’s.
Yesterday, you might have seen him while performing for the future first lady and her president-elect husband, Obama at the Lincoln Memorial event. Garth Brooks has really become a diamond out of the rough.

What makes Garth Brooks similar to other successful businesses is that they had a dream, a good plan, and they teamed up with the right people who shared the same goals. Everybody and everything has potential to be and do great things. The clients that we choose to team up with always have an advantage over their competitors. Together, we find solutions that help their business prosper – even during this recession.

Stop singing the blues call or email us to find out how we can help your company gain the advantage over your competitors during these economically challenging times. Together, we can make it happen.

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