Monday, January 26, 2009

Ever Wanted to be an Architect?

“Howard Roark laughed.

He stood naked at the edge of a cliff. The lake lay far below him. A frozen explosion of granite burst in flight to the sky over motionless water. The water seemed immovable, the stone – flowing. The stone had the stillness of one brief moment in battle when thrust meets thrust and the currents are held in a pause more dynamic than motion. The stone glowed, wet with sunrays…”

So starts Ann Rand’s novel, “The Fountainhead.” Howard Roark was at one in body, mind, and spirit with the earth and with all of the possibilities man has to shape it. His passion of architecture gave him the ability to view the granite quarry as a palette for his creation.
Ann Rand showed the world how it might be for anyone to embrace their passion. It affected more people than can be counted. Many of those affected went on to become teachers, soldiers, and politicians like our new president. Only a few became architects.

Imagine having so much love of architecture that when you drew your designs, they were “as if the buildings had sprung from the earth and from some living force, complete, unalterably right.” Sketching from your hand was the only way to release the genius already within you.
It is not ever too late in life to pursue your dreams. Never before has an opportunity been given to those that once wanted to design their own home. Be their own architect. Create their own legacy for the world to enjoy for many generations to come.

I am putting together a way for you to live that dream and I need your help.

Can I ask you a quick favor?

I want to learn more about people who may have said that they once wanted to be an architect, and that means I’d like to learn more about YOU!
Please answer 10 simple questions at the link to the right of this post under the title, "Your opinion is needed."

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