Monday, July 28, 2008

Tune in to learn where Commercial Real Estate investing is HOT!

Today, during our radio show, I interviewed a very successful commercial real estate investor, Mr. Ronald Duguid. Ronald is with Equity Capital Funding and is located at 245 Park Avenue, NY, NY.

Since I moved to NYC in 1986 from Dallas, Texas, it was interesting for me to hear about Ronald's current project that is in Dallas. Back in 1986, Dallas and much of the other parts of Texas, was suffering from oil prices dropping (doesn't sound that bad today though - does it?) and the savings and loans were going belly up. Nowadays, the market in Dallas seems to be hot for commercial real estate investing. Ronald also shared his thoughts of other "hot pockets" in other parts of the nation that also might be a good place to invest.

Ronald's story about his experience with an architect has a great lesson at the end of it. Find out more by linking to our radio show at.....

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