Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mayhem in the NYC DOB

Today, I received an email from an expediter that files many of our projects at the New York City Department of Buildings. Since the change over from the old to the new building code and forms, the NYC DOB has been falling all over themselves trying to catch up.

This will undoubtly affect your future filings for permits in NYC!

Her letter to me reads:

"DOB is extremely busy these days and all of the lines are triple digits. All of the applications are changed. Especially TR_I forms.
It takes a lot longer to get anything done these days. Simple sign off takes a few weeks and we end up spending a lot of time locating the submitted folder.
Therefore my price is higher now. You should expect longer time for plan examination too.

The fire department checked on DOB building and issued violations. Now we can not even get to the main room on 3rd floor. Only 74 people could go in. We have to wait till some people leave and then the guard would let us in. Their TCO is expired too. People are making lines on the street from 5:30 am. They stop giving out tickets around noon. It never takes less than an hour or two just to get to the window for Q-matic tickets. "

I hope your week has gone better than hers.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend,


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