Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bring Prosperity into your Front Door

If increasing your prosperity is one of your new year resolutions, then here is part of an article that was written by Sally Philips that might help you at home:

The inside entrance area (of your home) should also feel spacious, even if it's a small area. Keeping it clutter-free goes a long way in this regard. If you have a coat rack, don't let out-of-season coats and paraphernalia accumulate and pile up. If you have a table where you drop keys, mail or packages, use baskets or small bins to organize the area and tidy them up daily. Seeing clutter every time you enter your home does not provide the sense of ease you need, and it can also block chi from entering the house.

What do you see first when you enter? Hang a picture that pleases you here. If you want a mirror in this area, do not place it opposite the door. Put it on a side wall instead. If you look down a hallway when you enter, keep all the doors closed, or consider placing a screen to block the view. If you confront stairs immediately upon entering, place objects or symbols that represent protection to you on either side of the base of the stairs to stop the flow of chi down the stairs and out the door. Consider placing a fan, crystal or mobile overhead to help circulate chi.

A welcome rug is a nice touch and signals your visitors where to stand while they remove their coats. Earthy colors and images are always best because they help us feel supported and grounded.

Finally, many of us don't use our front doors, entering instead from our garages or backyards. Try to change this habit and use your front door at least some of the time. The Chinese believe that the front door is where opportunity knocks most often, so you want to keep the chi flowing there.

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