Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Herding People Like Cattle

Why in the world would I post such a crummy photo?

It is to make a point.

Look how all of the fuzzy people are grouped together. Notice that they are all herded roughly along the dark grey line on the floor.

There is no sign that says, “Stay on this side of the line.” There isn’t even a definite traffic pattern that people must follow. In fact, there isn’t anything in this room except for a few stairs and columns. It is a large, open room where people wait until their trains are called out at Penn Station of NYC.

This is another example to show how people are affected by their surroundings. Even if there are subtle color changes on the floor, people will react to it without even realizing that they are doing it.

If people can be so affected by the design of their surroundings by purely accidental design, imagine how powerful it can be if you have an architect that uses the “Experience Architecture” design philosophy with intension!

With “Experience Architecture,” can you see how your customers might want to keep coming back to your store? Can you see how your employees might want to stay at least a full 8 hour day in the office and actually contribute to a full day’s work? Can you see how an entire dying historical downtown can attract the affluent through intentional design?

“Experience Architecture” is POWERFUL! Make it work for you, your business, and your downtown. Here's how:

Come to the Preservation Conference and the Main Street Forum to hear me elaborate on this very important subject. I am going to share some cutting edge strategies that can boost your business and revive your downtowns in any economy. The event will be in Liberty, NY on November 1st and 2nd. Just click on the “Main Street Forum” icon to the right to register.

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