Monday, September 21, 2009

Lane Launches into the Media

Thanks to my friend, David Mathison, I now have more ways to share my passion of architecture with others. David is like the wizard behind the curtain. He really spilled the beans when it came to exposing the new and innovative ways to communicate to others.

David recently launched his new book, "Be The Media." In this book, he gives away more stuff than you could imagine. He even shows how authors, writers, columnist, cartoonists, syndicators, and licensors can self-publish their own information and get it to more people than would ever begin to reach.

Other media methods that are discussed are blogs, moblogs, newspapers, videoblogs (this one really interests me), websites, wikis (got to go to his book to learn what this is...), and zines.

This is perfect for producers of music, films, podcasts, radio, and television shows. It is also perfect for architects, like me, who want to find the best way to get the word out about any cutting edge architectural idea.

So, keep a look out for this book. You can buy it at

Also, be on the look out for more cool things that are discovered in this book from the desk of Larry Lane.

I better start putting my radio show together. It airs in only 2 hours (at from the posting of this blog article. (David has a radio show too, it is at He talks about how to create your own internet radio show on page 147).

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