Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh how we have grown since the 1800's

Joe Vitale really hit a homerun when he shared how we can overcome obsticles that are nothing like they were in the 1800's. Here is what he wrote in his recommended book, "There's a Customer Born Every Minute:"

The mid-1800’s, PT Barnum prospered when it was a stressful time that had conditions that are not here anymore such as:
• 4/5 of all Americans were farmers.
• There were only 3 large cities in USA. NY was the biggest with only 400,000 people.
• Most of today’s technology was not invented.
• Radio and TV did not exist (therefore not available for advertisements).
• No fax, computers, internet, telephone, or cabs to take you to a client.
• Trains did not travel to many places before the Civil War.
• No electricity, in door bathrooms (bathing was done about once a week).
• Surgeons washed after the surgery – so most of your clients who had surgery died.
• There were still terrifying Indian Wars, gun fights, and a large part of the customer base was killed during the Civil War when business was restricted to only the northern states.
• It took 2 weeks to journey across the Atlantic from Europe to USA via ship.

Hope you are grateful not only for living in such a wonderful country as United State of America, but also that we are free to grow with more opportunities now than ever before.

Happy Fourth of July!