Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun to Assemble Furniture

This is the funniest spoof that compares "Ready to Assemble" furniture (like IKEA’s systems that require a lot of loose parts, connectors, and patience to assemble) with Legare’s "Fun to Assemble" furniture that required no tools, glue, screws, or nails.

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Everyone needs a little laughter during these economically challenging times.

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Oh, by the way, Legare’s furniture is not expensive. Check out or call them at (817)737-8802 to learn more about it. When you do, tell them that Larry Lane sent you.

Here some “Gee-Wiz” scoop about this video:

• The “cool” guy (the Apple equivalent) that is on the right of the screen is Mr. Brock Brandenberg. He is the person who actually designed this furniture system. Go here to hear the story about him

• The “girl friend” of the Microsoft type of guy is a good friend of mine from grade school (many, many years ago).

• Another place to learn more about this furniture is by clicking on the podcasts to the right of the article on this blog that is titled, “What is RTA furniture?” and “Fun to Assemble Furniture.”

• Sorry in advance if this video offended you. Hope you find your funny bone soon. Go to the previous blog post for a more professional video of this furniture product. (Viewing while sitting on a whoopie cushion is optional).

Tell them that Larry Lane sent you