Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Steps to an Extraordinary Home

Getting to that extraordinary place has often required homeowners to endure an endless number of challenges. We all have heard or have lived through horror stories during a construction of a new home.

As you begin our new
"Experience Architecture" program from our Quality of Place Series Residential Edition, you are taking the first steps towards transforming the level of quality you experience within one of your most important investments - Your Home.

Difficulties obtaining permits.

The contractor disappears in the middle of tearing out everything.

Neighbors complain about dust and noise coming from your apartment.

Cost over-runs.

Construction Delays.

Difficult Building Managers...

All of these issues (and many more) stack upon each other until you feel that there is no painless way out. This journal is designed to help you navigate through the design and construction processes by using a simple seven step method.

If your realtor does not have an extra copy for you, then call us at 212-594-2007 so we can send one out to you before you purchase your next home.