Monday, November 10, 2008

A time to Celebrate

When I went to Texas Tech University, there were more games that seemed to be more about how well the marching band performed than the football team. In fact, being in the marching band, I remember that we would always dominate the half time, even when we marched in the Longhorn's football stadium in Austin, TX or in Aggie Land. So, my pride of Texas Tech was stemmed from my experiences in architecture school, Kappa Alpha Order, and the marching band.

The football team seemed to do well when they were not playing on national TV. When the limelight was on them, they would often lose. That is not the case this year. This year must be the year of "change." It is amazing that our team is now ranked 2nd in the nation at the time of this post.

It is not too often that I have the opportunity to gloat about how my alma mater's football team is doing. Oh, sure, they have won some upsets but they always seemed to be the spoiler instead of the team on top that everyone else is anxious to topple.

Hope you are enjoying your fall season. I know that watching the Red Raiders soar towards an udefeated season makes it a lot easier to deal with the crummy year that the Dallas Cowboys are having. The Dallas Cowboys.... that is a different story.

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