Friday, August 8, 2008

Systems to overcome uncertainty

Dan and Janice are school teachers at a public school in central New Jersey. Dan is a math teacher. Janice teaches reading. They fell hopelessly in love four years ago and decided that today would be their wedding date. When the Star Ledger asked them why they selected 8-8-08 as the date of their eternal bonding, they both said the same reasons but I bet that the hidden truths are much different between them. Here is how the paper reported how the question was answered. Janice said “We were always obsessed with triple numbers. One, it will be easy to remember. Two, its unique. And three, its fun.”

If Don was asked to answer this same question, in private quarters, here is probably what he would say if he was to be really truthful, “I was always obsessed with triple numbers. Janice started to go along with it just because she wanted more of our relationship. Besides, one, it will be easy to remember. Two, it will be easy to remember. And three, it will be easy to remember.”

While Don is crunching numbers that are much more complicated than remembering just the number eight, he probably doesn’t want to be jarred by the testing question from Janice ten years from now, “Honey, do you remember our anniversary date?” and not be able to easily switch mental gears from the Boolean theory to basic marriage survival data. He probably looks at it as a system. Simple and easy to manage changes.

Changes in anyone’s lives can be tough. With change, comes a lot of uncertainty and stress.

Larry has written a book to help relieve the stress from uncertainty for anyone who is planning to move/expand/shrink into a new office space. He brings out the main characters who are involved in making your office relocation a success, interviews each one, and points out important systems that cannot be overlook by the team and by you. This is a must read for everyone about to move into a new office. Contact to reserve your copy now!

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